Benefits and Suggestions to Improve Your Child’s Second Language

Nowadays, there are many reasons for you to support your child in their second language. In every country, we are seeing more and more cultural influences spreading in our communities. Young children can do this very easily at the time they begin to make sense of their world. Early educational programs worldwide are now realizing the importance that learning a language supports children to succeed and become capable learners in the 21st century.Investing in your child’s learning is an important step that you always need to consider. The endless possibilities that you provide for your child will certainly help them towards successful learning. In addition, many parents have concluded that they would probably invest in letting their child understand a second language.The benefits that come from a child learning a second language involve these points;1. The earlier they experience learning opportunities, the better they perform. Children needs time to explore and experience things around them, so the learning becomes a part of the way they understand different concepts that they come across with.2. Young children experience their learning primarily at home. If your child is in childcare or at school they tend to utilize the language of the community. Thus, it is important that you still support their ‘native tongue’, and also in order for them to fully grasp its importance in the society.3. Children are dynamic and quick learners, and they can easily adapt things in the surroundings.As an adult, we find that learning is more difficult since we already have ways in dealing with tasks and other things. As for children, they have no set expectations nor do feel that they cannot learn certain things when they are young. And as a parent you need to support their love of exploring and experiencing things. Thus, you need to support them the way them adapt to things.So, what exactly can we provide, as the role models, to ensure that our child is properly guided when it comes to learning additional languages?Moving on, here are suggestions to improve your child’s second language:Tip # 1 – Introduce Second Language at an early ageThe earlier you support your child’s language learning the better. Young children aged two and three commonly starts to broaden their vocabularies during these stages. The development of including a second language at this point will likely be much less difficult since they can easily adapt to both languages.Basically, children gather words and sounds from their mother and father. This direct speech and word connection allows young children to recognize and connect the words to specific objects and things, whether they are naming things in conversation or just creating sounds that resemble things.Tip # 2 – Give equal opportunities to both languagesYoung children that have the chance to experience various languages need the time to explore them simultaneously, meaning give equal trait. Whether, your child is experiencing this at home, childcare or school, the need for them to understand the connections will be more effective in the experiences that they have.The development of each child will vary as with any other learning, so it is important to support them during this process. There are also other educational centers that provide lessons to help assist children in expanding language demonstration; thus, further supporting them to both languages.Tip # 3 – Help prepare in guiding your child’s (language) educationCreate an educational pathway that could help your child in learning a second language. Provide interactive fun home language games, and a home vocabulary environment that makes the learning easy and inviting for your child. Parents can introduce both online and hands-on experience to maximize learning. This will ensure a balance of learning that will aid child in connecting the language relationships. Furthermore, you can effectively utilize multimedia systems since it offers many visual programs whether it is on TV or computers.Tip # 4 – Establish dynamic time in terms of second language learningIf you are communicating with one or more different dialects, then teach your child with your own knowledge and experience. This will help you see what are the benefits, as well as the ability to see what and how your child communicates, well before they attend school.In this manner, you can encourage them to communicate in their home dialect and what languages they currently used in school or within the learning environment.If your child is comfortable in both home and childcare/school environment with different languages, then they will develop a real understanding and benefit from language in the society.Tip # 5 – Make the learning fun!Engage in enjoyable, family-oriented activities that can offer your children the ability to communicate in their home dialect, like reading through catalogues, performing role plays, and identity games. Use every opportunity to involve them in the daily activities they experience. This can help enhance the second language of your youngster, providing a fun, enjoyable, and worthwhile experience.Tip # 6 – Allow your child to use their first language (native tongue)Take your child to places where they can interact with others that are using their native tongue, first language. This can incorporate a variety of events like, joining family reunions, educational gatherings or any community and social gatherings.These ideas will help your child to better connect in their first language. This is also because they are in their ‘Comfort Zone’, thus giving them the chance to express what they feel. These can further help them to connect as well as have a clear understanding about the environment and what is happening.So for our bottom line:Further enhancing second language learning helps your child to understand the wider community, since they can effectively express what exactly their feelings are. Therefore, having a different language is beneficial as well as broadens your child’s vocabularies.Use these suggestions and build further onto these ideas to ensure that you are supporting the second language of your youngster.’Young children, learning a second language is one of the fastest growing segments of the global population’ (Kan, PF & Kohnert, K. (2005), Preschoolers Learning Hmong and English.

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